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Welcome to Hillcrest Charlotte


We invite you to learn more about us on our website, or even better, we hope you'll join us in person for worship very soon. We meet weekly on Sundays and most Wednesday evenings. Our 2024 ministry calendar gives all the details of our Midweek class dates.

Sunday School    9AM            Sunday Worship    10AM             Midweek Bible Study    6:30PM
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Hillcrest is a special place! We are a diverse group of people who love the Lord, His Word, and each other. We invite you to peruse our website to discover what distinguishes us a family of faith, and we hope you will visit us soon.

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Hillcrest is not an organization, we are a family. Every biological family is made up of people with distinct qualities, gifts, and personalities, and a church family is no different. Our commitment to each other compels unity on the essentials of our faith, charity on the nonessentials, and sacrificial love as modeled by Christ.


It has been said that it "takes a whole Bible to make a whole Christian." On Sunday mornings we study the Bible verse by verse because we believe that having a firm understanding of major gospel doctrines, a knowledge of the timeline of redemptive history, and an overall grasp of entire books is an essential part of the discipleship process in a believer's life. The gospel message itself is so simple that even a child can understand, and our salvation comes through faith in Christ alone, but there is so much to gain from a careful mining of God's Holy Word after conversion.

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When a believer gains a solid understanding of the Bible, he or she is able to experience joyful, radical, abundant life-giving obedience. Helping Christians learn how to integrate foundational spiritual disciplines including prayer, personal Bible study, confession of sin, and Scripture memorization into their daily routines is one goal of our discipleship program, the other is equipping mature Christ followers to invest in the spiritual lives of those who are new to the Christian faith.

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