A church family exists to glorify God and proclaim Him to our neighbors. At Hillcrest we do this in three ways:

  • We SERVE one another in times of need and through churchwide serving teams
  • We SUPPORT local mission partners who are doing hands on ministry in our community
  • We SHARE the gospel with those around us.​

* SERVE *​​​​​
As thankful believers, we are compelled to serve in obedience to God and in gratitude for our salvation.  Every member of Hillcrest is asked to serve in at least one of the following capacities.  If you would like additional information on serving opportunities, please email churchoffice@hillcrestcharlotte.com.

A vibrant children’s ministry is made possible by dedicated volunteers who serve the Lord through loving and leading our youngest attenders. Your service in this vital ministry area will help ensure that Hillcrest is a place where families thrive. Hillcrest Kids is staffed with volunteers who love children and are ready to be trained and prepared to meet the needs of the little ones entrusted to us. Whether you’ve been a long time nursery volunteer or are interested in becoming one now, we look forward to working together to create an excellent ministry to children! (Please note that all volunteers who serve with children or students are required to submit to a background check.)

In preparation for the guests we anticipate as God continues to work in our midst, our Guest Experience team is tasked with welcoming, greeting, directing and assisting visitors and members as they  arrive. Your role on this team may  make an eternal difference in someone’s life. Every person who steps or drives onto church property is precious to God. This team will serve to ensure that all who come our way sense their importance to The Lord and to all of us at Hillcrest!

The Hillcrest CARE Team works with our Deacon Board to ensure that our members are taken care of in times of need. From families welcoming a new child by birth or adoption to families experience surgery, illness, or death, this team orchestrates meals and seeks to meet other tangible needs of those who need assistance in times of celebration or crisis.

Ensuring the safety and security of our members, guests and facilities is a priority of the leadership of Hillcrest. This team works together to oversee zone security during each of our services and events and to provide medical assistance in the event of an emergency.

Creating an atmosphere of reverence for our weekly  services is facilitated through our choir, vocalists and instrumentalists. We consider these ministry members to  be lead worshippers who establish an environment where our congregation and musicians praise the Lord together. As part of our effort to create a beautiful tapestry of intergenerational worship, we use hymns, both ancient and modern, psalms and spoken word.

Hillcrest's library is continually being expanded with additional Bible study materials, works by classic Christian authors, terrific missionary biographies, and titles that speak to a range of topics from marriage and parenting to money management and current events. Our Library team oversees our inventory and helps guests locate books and other resources.

Volunteers in this ministry are needed to mix sound and advance lyric slides or videos during our Sunday morning worship hour. If you have experience in this area or are interested in learning, please consider serving on our production team. Our goal for this team will be that those who have technological skills may enhance the weekend services by utilizing our audio and video technology to its maximum potential.

Hillcrest regularly hosts events that require detailed event coordination and food services assistance. Needs include help with set up/tear down, food prep, decor and entertainment planning, and much more. If you have ability to help in any of these areas, please consider joining this team.

If we offer exceptional children’s programming, vibrant worship, solid teaching of the Bible and a welcoming environment but do not make fervent prayer a priority, we will have missed a most crucial aspect of our duty and privilege as a body of believers. All of us should be regularly praying on behalf of Hillcrest. Some of us need to be devoted to scheduled and specific times of prayer for this church and God's kingdom work.

Members of this team will regularly pray as a group for direction, protection and vision for Hillcrest and for the community that surrounds our campus. You may feel as though you cannot offer much in the way of other ministries that are highlighted, but you can pray, so please consider joining this vital team!


Hillcrest partners with five local organizations that we support throughout the year. We do this by highlighting one of them each month and supporting them through prayer, volunteer efforts, and collecting items to benefit their specific needs. Many of these organizations have a reach into lives that we would otherwise not be able to serve, so it is a privilege to partner with them to support the work that they are doing in our community. To learn more about these organizations, their websites are linked below. 

Charlotte Rescue Mission

Human Coalition 

King's Daughters Ministry

Mt. Holly Community Relief Organization

Paw Creek Elementary School

 * SHARE *

Finally, and most critically, we believe that the most important way that any Christ follower can philanthropically give back is to share the greatest news ever... the gospel of Jesus Christ. Every part of what we do and how we program as a church is meant to equip believers to confidently share their faith with friends, family, and neighbors. Studying the Bible was never meant to simply fill us with knowledge but rather to transform us and prepare us to live out the Great Commission. When our members do this, they are able to reach people who, while they may not accept an invitation to a church service, can watch and see the difference in the life of a person who loves Jesus. 

1 Samuel 12:24  Only fear the Lord and serve him faithfully with all your heart. For consider what great things he has done for you.