Hillcrest Baptist Church exists to love people genuinely, teach scripture faithfully and disciple believers fully in obedience to Christ our Lord.

Hillcrest's COVID Response

In order to remain in compliance with the State of North Carolina's efforts to combat the spread of viral illness, Hillcrest has made many adjustments and will continue to adjust as needed. In addition to meeting together in person weekly, all worship services will be live streamed on our  Facebook page at regularly scheduled gathering times (10 am Sundays / 6:30 pm Wednesdays). Please see our current infographics for the most up to date information regarding our gatherings.

As a part of our return to campus, Hillcrest's leaders continue to prayerfully seek Biblical wisdom for navigating unprecedented challenges associated with the COVID19 pandemic. In determining best practices, we acknowledge the existence of differing views about how to respond even within the scientific and medical communities. For this reason, we are praying for supernatural guidance from The Lord in addition to staying informed regarding the most current data from official sources.

To graciously serve one another with sacrificial love as our motivation, these decisions and responses are purposefully determined so that when this difficult season comes to an end we are able to reflect on these days with no regrets. This is an opportunity for us to demonstrate our commitment to scripture's directive in Philippians 2,  "...in humility count others more significant than yourselves."  We know that by His grace we will see His goodness and the preservation of our love and lives in unity and kingdom service.

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